Educational institutions can enhance student engagement by making it easy for like-minded learners to engage via mutual courses and social interests. The Unilinq digital community platform helps instill a sense of belonging by bringing student life, to life.

Let’s establish an incredible campus culture.


Student needs are rapidly evolving making it laborious for educational institutions to keep up. By centralising all engagement activities, institutions can provide proactive support, directly impacting your learners’ experience on and off-campus.


Unilinq is a mobile application for educational institutions looking to build inclusive campus culture. We will collaborate with a diverse range of learners from your institution, putting them at the forefront of engagement issues.

How does it work?

Understand key engagement issues

Design and test the solution with your students

Launch with lean features

Set data points to extract ethical insights

Convert insights into action and enhance student retention

Students can network with like-minded others across all campuses

Let's start a conversation!