We make it easy for your student community to engage via mutual courses and social interests. Whether they’re looking for future course mates, unit-specific group chats or want to meet like-minded peers outside their classrooms, Unilinq enables them to connect, no matter how niche their interests might be.

Let’s establish an incredible campus culture.


University format has modernised over the years. Students now have flexible timetables and a plethora of online classes. However, this has created a disconnect in the way students engage causing an inability to create long-lasting connections. We can do better!


Unilinq is a fully customisable and white-labeled application for any university looking to build inclusive campus culture. We will collaborate with students from your university, putting them at the forefront of student engagement issues.

How does it work?

Understand key student engagement issues

Design and test the app with your students

Launch with lean features

Set data points to extract ethical info

Convert data into action to enhance student retention and outcomes

Students can network with like-minded peers from all your campuses

Let's start a conversation!